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What are Optima AGM Batteries?

Optima AGM Batteries

Optima AGM batteries represent the pinnacle of modern AGM deep cycle battery technology. All Optima AGM batteries have superior quality build and are designed to provide an unequivocal service and an unmatchable performance.

With Optima’s unique patented SPIRALCELL Technology, all Optima AGM batteries are equipped with 15 times more vibration resistance compared to regular AGM deep cycle batteries. And supply the performance you’re seeking.

Optima’s mindful design of all their batteries have created a range of non-spillable and maintenance free batteries, ensuring a care-free experience and giving you the peace of mind knowing that your battery can handle even the most extreme of conditions. With 3 main Optima Battery categories, Start, Deep Cycles and Marine, Optima Batteries has it covered.

What is an AGM battery?

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology acts as a sponge like material to suspend loose electrolyte within highly porous glass fibre mat separators. This eliminates the hazards associated with acid spills or leaks, whilst the sealed maintenance free design avoids the need for regular topping-up of electrolyte.

Why choose Optima Batteries?

Optima AGM batteries have low internal resistance and low self-discharge rates, enabling faster recharge and longer shelf life. When fully charged, they can be stored for extended periods of time as long as there is no electrical drain, and conveniently recharged using an appropriate AGM compatible battery charger.

Ideal for use in applications where fast recharge, high cranking is required and when superior vibration resistance and superior deep cycle performance is required.

What are the differences between Optima YellowTop, RedTop and BlueTop

Optima YellowTop Battery

Best for Deep Cycle & 4×4(RV) & Starting

The Optima YellowTop AGM range is best suited for starting your engine and powering your energy-draining electronics. With the Yellow Top’s rigid and durable design, it can handle the serious cycling demands of today’s vehicle accessories, enabling it to be drained hundreds of times, without causing damage. The Optima Yellow Top provides impressive amounts of cranking power together with its deep cycle hybrid design. Low internal resistance in the YellowTop allows for smoother, more consistent power output and significantly faster recharges.

Optima YellowTop Battery Applictions

The Yellow Top is an ideal dual purpose battery for cranking as well as supplying power to electronic accessories. If your vehicle has a lot of accessories like running lights, high-performance stereo system, winches or hydraulics, your vehicle must require more from its battery. Optima Yellow Top batteries provide the extra performance and deep cycling capability that your vehicle demands.

  • offroad vehicle lights
  • high-performance stereo system
  • 4×4 winches or hydraulics
  • small fridge
  • high cranking amps for vehicle starting
See the Optima YellowTop Battery Range


Optima RedTop Battery

Best for Automotive Starting

The Optima RedTop AGM range is best suited for vehicles that require immense amounts of cranking power. The Optima RedTop produces an incredible burst of power providing a smooth and effective start up for your vehicle. The Red Top range has a high-power delivery system and impressive resistance against harsh conditions, ensuring a reliable start-up for your vehicle, every time.

Along with the strongest starting burst, the RedTop range has a life three times as long compared to standard automotive batteries of similar size. It is 15 times more vibration resistant than standard automotive batteries and is spill proof. Moreover, these benefits do not come at the cost of convenience. The RedTop range is mountable in virtually any position, has a fast recharging time and is maintenance free.

Optima RedTop Battery Applications
  • vehicle starting for high cranking power needs
See the Optima RedTop Battery Range


Optima BlueTop Battery

Best for Marine Applications, Stating & Deep Cycle/Starting

The Optima BlueTop AGM is best suited for marine applications that require a maintenance free, but also, a high cranking power battery. The Optima BlueTop’s superior quality build and design provides a safe sturdy frame, giving the BlueTop a spill-proof design and vibration resistance up to 15 times more than standard marine batteries. An imperative feature for providing the care-free boating experience you desire. Continuing, the BlueTop’s advance AGM deep cycle technology provides a lifespan of up to three times that of regular marine batteries.

The Optima BlueTop AGM range comes in both High Staring power, just like the Optima RedTop range and a hybrid range just like the YellowTop Optima Range, Deep Cycle & Marine Starting.

Optima BlueTop Battery Applications

This maintenance free, yet, powerful-cranking battery is ideal for any boating needs.

  • trolling motor
  • bow thrusters
  • speed boats
  • jet boats
  • luxury yachts
  • Sail boats
  • Yatcts
  • Tinny
  • Dinghy
See the Optima BlueTop Battery Range


The difference between Optima AGM batteries and flooded lead acid batteries

This video will explain the advantages of the different types of car batteries. Essentially an explanation of Flooded Lead Acid Batteries vs Optima AGM Batteries.

Please note, the Flat Plate AGM Batteries mentioned in this video are not yet available in Australia.

Optima Battery Charging

Because Optima batteries feature Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) design and construction they allow rapid charging when the temperature is monitored. To find out more about charging Optima batteries we have developed a detailed page the lists the exact charging procedure for YellowTop, RedTop and BlueTop batteries. This includes links to the best chargers for each type of battery.