Marine Battery Comparison

Marine Battery Comparison: Century v Lifeline v Optima When comparing marine batteries the information can get quite confusing and even misleading. In our opinion, as battery experts and boating enthusiasts, there are three true marine batteries which stand out in the market.     Century Marine Batteries Century batteries are true marine batteries with many unique features making it a standout marine battery on the market. The Century marine range is designed to spend its lifetime on the water, making them one of the [...]

How to recharge Optima batteries with a battery charger

We offer a wide variety of options to charge your Optima AGM battery. We recommend CTek, Enerdrive, Victron and Battery Fighter Battery Chargers . On this page you will find detailed information on the best practices to charge Optima batteries, including each of the specific types: YellowTop, BlueTop and RedTop. Can you use a regular battery charger on an Optima battery? Do not use Gel or Gel/AGM settings, as they will not fully charge an Optima battery and could damage it over [...]

What are Optima AGM Batteries?

Optima AGM Batteries Optima AGM batteries represent the pinnacle of modern AGM deep cycle battery technology. All Optima AGM batteries have superior quality build and are designed to provide an unequivocal service and an unmatchable performance. With Optima’s unique patented SPIRALCELL Technology, all Optima AGM batteries are equipped with 15 times more vibration resistance compared to regular AGM deep cycle batteries. And supply the performance you're seeking. Optima’s mindful design of all their batteries have created a range of non-spillable and maintenance [...]

Crane Remote Control Batteries

Need a battery for a crane remote control? If you're in the need for a Crane Remote Control Battery for your business, factory or work site, we're sure to be able to help. Inefficiencies and factory downtimes are a costly environment no business wants to experience. Make sure the crane remote batteries used in your business are in top shape ready for the day. Best practice is to make sure the battery for your Crane Remote Control is ready for the hard day [...]

CCA, what is it all about…

You may know of, seen or heard about CCA or the CCA rating of an SLI or SLA battery.  Here is a simple explanation of what the CCA of a battery is.   CCA (cold cranking amps) is a measurement of the starting power of an SLI or SLA battery. CCA is a measure of a starting battery’s ability to deliver current to a starter motor at minus 18°C whilst under a load (ampere draw) for 30 seconds, with the end voltage maintained [...]

It’s time to talk battery chargers!

There are so many battery chargers on today's market not to mention the vast array of batteries, and matching the right charger to the right battery is very important. When we say match, we refer to not only the voltage, but the Amps and battery chemistry as well. Most of the time, the chemistry is over looked. There are many types of battery chemistries, however the ones we will be focusing on here with regards to charging are: Flooded Lead Acid Maintenance [...]

Batteries for a wireless mouse!

BATTERIES FOR A WIRELESS MOUSE! 06 March 2014 Wireless Mouse Batteries. Best AA batteries for a wireless mouse or which battery should I use for a wireless mouse? Answer: The best battery for your wireless mouse is definitely the Energizer Ultimate Lithium Battery. Available in AA & AAA sizes. For the multitudes of electronic gadgets that you can

Battery industry warning to parents of toddlers and children

All Parents need to be safety wise & acutely aware of the dangers posed with children and the potential ingestion of button & coin size batteries. With the recent death of a four year old girl in Queensland who sadly died after swallowing a lithium coin cell battery, child safety experts urge parents to keep these coin & button type batteries out of sight and out of reach. Used or flat batteries should also be disposed of immediately and safely. More [...]