It’s time to talk battery chargers!

There are so many battery chargers on today’s market not to mention the vast array of batteries, and matching the right charger to the right battery is very important. When we say match, we refer to not only the voltage, but the Amps and battery chemistry as well. Most of the time, the chemistry is over looked.

There are many types of battery chemistries, however the ones we will be focusing on here with regards to charging are:

  • Flooded Lead Acid
  • Maintenance Free Calcium Lead Acid
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt)
  • Gel
  • SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)

All of the above chemistries can be found within some or all of the below applications.

Boat, Car, 4×4, 4×4 auxiliary Jetski, Caravan, Camping, Motorbike, mobility scooter, market stalls, small solar applications.

Using granddads old manual linear charger just won’t cut it with today’s modern batteries and using the wrong charger can cause damage to the battery and can be dangerous.

So if your battery has gone flat or you need a charger for regular maintenance make sure you know your chemistry.

Batteries that are kept fully charged are going to last longer than those poor batteries left to slowly drain… loose voltage… and end up at a point where there is no recovery.

Ensuring your battery charger is capable of charging the type of battery chemistry you have is critical and so is the amount of amps your charger puts out. Matching the right amperage size will also ensure your get the longest life out of your battery. A charger with a small amp output is going to struggle to charge a battery with a high capacity, a charger with a high amp output is going to overcharge, overwork and possible burnout a battery with a small capacity, both of these scenarios will reduce the working life of your battery and possibly even destroy it.

We stock and have access to a huge range of battery chargers at varying price points.

At The Battery Base we often re-educate customers on matching the right charger to their batteries after receiving incorrect information from others.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to find out more information. – 03 8585 4584