CCA, what is it all about…

You may know of, seen or heard about CCA or the CCA rating of an SLI or SLA battery. 

Here is a simple explanation of what the CCA of a battery is.


CCA (cold cranking amps) is a measurement of the starting power of an SLI or SLA battery.

CCA is a measure of a starting battery’s ability to deliver current to a starter motor at minus 18°C whilst under a load (ampere draw) for 30 seconds, with the end voltage maintained at 1.20 volts per cell.

As the vast majority of Australia does not really get that cold, it is however an international standard that looks at the ability of the battery to deliver power to the starting engine. The higher the CCA’s, the more starting ability the battery has.

Several variations of CCA ratings may be applied to a battery including; MCA (marine cranking amps) or CA (Cranking amps), which are generally 20% higher than CCA (cold cranking amps) and reflect higher temperature testing.