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HP Spectre X360 Laptop Battery – LCB763

A premium quality laptop battery with superior performance & extended service life, to suit your HP Spectre X360 Laptop.

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Model LCB763
Description Laptop Computer Battery suitable for HP Spectre X360
Application Notebook, Netbook, Laptop Computer
Original Brand HP
Chemistry Lithium Ion Polymer
Voltage 11.4V
Nominal Capacity 4.9Ah
Typical Capacity mAh
Watt Hour 55.9Wh



Width 3.7mm
Height 302.6mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 160mm


Compatible With:

HP 6789116-005 HP 788237-C3 HP PK03056XL
HP 788237-2C1 HP 789116-005 HP PK03XL
HP 788237-2C2 HP HSTNN-DB6S HP TPN-Q157
HP Spectre 13-4000
HP Spectre 13-4003DX
HP Spectre Pro X360
HP Spectre Pro x360 Convertible PC G1
HP Spectre Pro X360 G1
HP Spectre Pro X360 G2
HP Spectre x360 Convertible PC
HP Spectre x360 Convertible PC 13