CTB100 – Cordless Phone Battery

Cordless Phone Battery CTB100 – For many brands


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Cordless Phone Battery CTB100 – For Audioline, Telstra

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A premium quality cordless phone battery with superior performance & extended service life, to suit your Audioline, British Telecom, DeTeWe, Medion, Telstra, Texet, T-Mobile or V-Tech cordless phone.

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Model: CTB100

Application: Cordless Phone Battery

Brand: Mi Battery Experts

Original Brand: Audioline, British Telecom, DeTeWe, Medion, Telstra, Texet, T-Mobile, V-Tech

Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride

Voltage: 2.4V

Termination: Connector CE-L

Weight: 27g



Length: 35.0mm

Width: 33.0mm

Height: 6.4mm


Suitable For:

Audioline: SLIM DECT 500, SLIM DECT 502, SLIM DECT 502 Duo, SLIM DECT 580, SLIM DECT 582

British Telecom: Verve 410, Verve 450

DeTeWe: Style 250

MT-D: AVM20002434

Medion: Life S63006, MD81877, MD82877, SLIM DECT 500

T-Mobile: T-Com SINUSA702

Telstra: 8400A, 8450, CLS-8450, Slim 8450

Texet: DECT TX-D7400

V-Tech: VT1100, VT2020


Compatible With:

Audioline: 5M702BMXZ

British Telecom: 5M702BMXZ

DeTeWe: 5M702BMXZ



Medion: 5M702BMXZ

T-Mobile: 5M702BMXZ

Telstra: 5M702BMXZ

Texet: 5M702BMXZ

V-Tech: 5M702BMXZ