CTB10 – Cordless Phone Battery

Cordless Phone Battery CTB10 – For many brands


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Cordless Phone Battery CTB10 – For Cobra, GE & Sanyo

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A premium quality cordless phone battery with superior performance & extended service life, to suit your Cobra, GE, Sanyo or other cordless phone.

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Model: CTB10

Application: Cordless Phone Battery

Original Brand: Cobra, GE, GTE, North Western Bell, Omni, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sharp, South Western Bell, Telstra

Brand: Mi Battery Experts

Chemistry: Nickel Cadmium

Voltage: 3.6V

Termination: Connector CE-B

Weight: 37g



Length: 42.7mm

Width: 33.2mm

Height: 14.5mm


Suitable For:

Cobra: AN-8525, AN-8526, CP-464S, CP-470S, CP-471S, CP-472S, CP-474S, CP-475S, CP-481, CP-482, CP-486, CP-487, CP-488, CP-489, CP-492, CP-701, CP-702, CP-705, CP-711, CP-712, CP-714

GE: 2-9510., 2-9515., 2-9522., 5-2126., 5-2132., 5-2308., EA41X-681

GTE: 3150

North Western Bell: 3210C, Excursion 3100

Omni: CT-300

Sanyo: CAS1200, CAS130, CAS1500, CAS160, CAS170, CLA-1000, CLA-1080, CLA-1300, CLA-1380, CLA-1380EC, CLA-1600, CLA-1700, CLT-136, CLT-138X, CLT-186X, CLT-3300A, CLT-3600A, CLT-4300, CLT-4600, CLT-5200, CLT-5280, CLT-536, CLT-538, CLT-5800, CLT-5880, CLT-6300, CLT-9650, CLT-9660, CLT-9670

Sharp: CDL400

South Western Bell: FF-1185, FF-660, FF-670, FF-695, FF-705

Telstra Freedom 120, Freedom 220, Freedom 250, Freedom 320, Freedom 400, Freedom 440, Freedom 450, Freedom 450E, Freedom 500, Freedom 710


Compatible With:

GE: 2-2300.


Jackson: CB3630W

Panasonic: P-P302, P-P302PT

Sanyo: 3N-270AAMLX