Symbol Barcode Scanner Battery – SB-MC9000


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Symbol Barcode Scanner Battery.

A premium quality barcode scanner battery with superior performance & extended service life, to suit your Symbol barcode scanner.

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Model: SB-MC9000

Application: Portable Barcode Scanner Battery

Brand: Mi Battery Experts

Original Brand: Symbol

Chemistry: Lithium Ion

Voltage: 7.4V

Nominal Capacity: 2.5Ah

Watt Hour: 18.5Wh

Weight: 121g



Length: 71.7mm

Width: 41.4mm

Height: 24.2mm


Suitable For:

Symbol: MC9000, MC9000-G, MC9000-K, MC9000G, MC9000K, MC9010, MC9050, MC9060, MC9062, MC9090, MC9094, MC9097S, MC9190, MC9200


Compatible With:

Symbol: 21-65587-01, 21-65587-02, 82-111734-01, BTRY-MC9X-26MA-01, KT-21-61261-01