Cordless Vacuum Battery IP-ZB3004 – For Electrolux


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Electrolux Cordless Vacuum Battery

High quality cordless vacuum battery, designed for your vacuum service needs.



Application: Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Battery

Model Number: IP-ZB3004



Battery Information:

Brand: MI Battery Experts

Voltage: 14.4V

Nominal Capacity: 1.7Ah

Watt Hour: 24.5Wh

Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride

Weight: 311g



Insert Pack Explanation:

A battery pack insert is an assembled internal battery pack using required cells & components for fitting into an original battery casing. The process is similar to battery pack refurbishment however inserts are available where we consider refurbishment is possible by the end user as long as they have a basic understanding of electronics & where the battery pack casing is easily disassembled & reassembled.

Our advice is if you’re not sure, don t do it! So, if in doubt send it to us to repack/refurbish as there’s no warranty for any damage or faults caused by faulty assembly by the user.



Suitable For:

Electrolux: ErgoRapido, ZB3004, ZB3004 IW