ATP1305 – Ryobi Power Tool Charger Adaptor Plate


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Ryobi Power Tool Charger Adaptor Plate

A premium quality power tool charger plate with superior performance & extended service life, to suit your Ryobi power tool battery and ACMTE power tool charger.

Check our Suitable For to see if this is the correct battery for your needs.




Model: ATP1035

Application: ACMTE Adaptor Plate

Brand: Enecharger

Chemistry: Lithium Ion

Voltage: 12V


Suitable For:

Ryobi: 140503001, BID-1201, CK412, CKF-120LM, CR-1201, HJP001, HJP001K, LSD-1201PB, LSD-1202PB


Compatible With:

Masters: BCR-CB120L-BP1

Ryobi: 130503001, 130503005, BPL-1220, CB120L