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CTEK PRO25S – Battery Charger 12V 25Amp


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CTEK PRO25S – Battery Charger 12V 25Amp

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The PRO25S is an innovative, versatile and highly efficient 25A battery charger and power supply, designed around the needs of the automotive professional. Combining power & advanced technology with safety, portability and flexibility to work with any 12V vehicle battery including lithium*, the PRO25S is the perfect solution to professional battery charging, in the workshop or the showroom. *) 12V lithium batteries (LiFePO4, Li-Fe, Li-iron, LFP)

Advanced technology will ensure that a safe, fast charge is delivered to exactly meet the needs of the individual battery. The PRO25S has a dedicated lead-acid battery reconditioning program to restore battery life & recondition flat batteries. SUPPLY mode will support the battery during diagnostic or fault-finding work. It has low voltage & current ripple, so it’s safe for the battery & the vehicle’s delicate electronic systems. Fully automatic & easy to use, it’s also very simple to connect, spark proof and reverse-polarity protected to protect the user & also the battery. The PRO25S is designed to ensure easy handling in both the workshop & the showroom. Whilst it’s lightweight & portable, the rugged, impact-resistant casing means it can also handle the toughest workshop environment.



Input:  220–240VAC, 50–60Hz, 2.9A max

Output:   14.4V/15.8V/13.6V, 25A max, lead-acid battery types. 13.8V/14.4V/13.3V, 15A max, LiFePO4

Start voltage:   2.0V

Back current drain*:  Corresponding to less than 1Ah/month

Ambient temperature:   -20˚C to +50˚C

Battery types:   WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM, EFB, GEL, LiFePO4

Battery capacity:   40-500 Ah, lead-acid battery types. 30-450Ah, LiFePO4

Warranty:  2 years

Charge cables length:  2000 mm (DC cable)

Mains cables length:  1900 mm (AC cable)

Insulation class:  IP44

Ripple**:  Less than 4%

Weight: 2kg


Key Benefits:


  • Dedicated Lithium mode
  • Compatible with batteries from 40Ah to 500Ah (30Ah to 450Ah Lithium).
  • SUPPLY mode to support the battery during diagnostic or fault finding work.
  • Fully automatic and easy to use. Simple to connect, spark proof and reverse-polarity protected.
  • Integrated safety features, so it’s safe for the battery & the vehicle.
  • Built-in temperature sensor to achieve maximum charge levels
  • Dedicated lead-acid program to restore battery life and recondition flat batteries.
  • IP44 classified for outdoor use
  • Lightweight & highly portable
  • Tough & robust
  • 2 years warranty
  • Includes Connect Clamp


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