Battery Fighter BFJ006 – Battery Charger

Battery Fighter BFJ006 – Battery Charger


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Battery Fighter BFJ006 Battery Charger


Battery Fighter BFJ006 – 6V 750mA Battery Charger

Model: BFJ006

Description: 6V 750mA output logic controlled 3 stage lead acid battery charger

Application: Mains charger for all types of smaller 6V lead acid batteries,Maintenance charger for small to medium capacity 6V lead acid batteries,Ideal for use with security, stationary devices, small-medium vehicles, electric start mowers. jetskis

Brand: Battery Fighter

Width: 58mm

Height: 83mm

Length: 50mm

Weight: 550g

Comments: 6V 750mA Fully automatic 3 Stage Lead Acid battery charger. Complete 3 Step Constant Current Charging.

Perfect for a wide range of lead acid battery styles from Flooded, Sealed, Maintenance Free, VRLA, and Gel to AGM.

Although they often appear to be a better economic choice for the typical consumer, trickle chargers do not have the advantage of sophisticated microprocessor electronic control. What appears to be a cost savings for the charger may actually cost several times the charger price in replacement batteries. This is the difference between the Battery Fighter and the other 2 step Lead Acid Chargers.

Warranty: Full 3 Year Warranty

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