BCB127 – Battery Carry Bag

Battery Carry Bag BCB127 – For 7Ah Battery


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BCB127 – Sealed Lead Acid Battery carry bag for 12V 7Ah and 6V 12Ah SLA Batteries

Application: Video Camera, Fishing & Prawning Lights, 6/12VDC hand held devices with external power source input

Width: 160mm

Height: 130mm

Length: 80mm

Weight: 140g

Comments: Carry bag with fused (10A) cigarette socket connector suits 12V 7Ah, 12V 10Ah or 6V 12Ah size SLA batteries.

This carry bag combined with SLA battery & connection gives longer lasting power to portable or handheld battery powered applications that run on 6 or 12 volts.

Batteries to suit this bag can be found at these pages: PS1270LPS1270SLC-R127R2P1, LC-R0612P1