PANASONIC LC-RD1217P – Battery


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Chemistry: Sealed Lead Battery

Voltage: 12

Amp Hours: 17Ah

Brand: Panasonic

Width: 76mm

Height: 167mm

Length: 181mm

Weight: 6500g

Application: UPS, Security, Alarm, Instrument, Test Equipment, Medical Equipment.

NOTE: A high capacity version of this battery is also availablefor dedicated cyclic use such as mobility scooters & golf buggies. See model LC-XC1221P

This VRLA battery is an AGM type. Please ensure the correct charger is used to charge the batteries. To extend overall service life of the battery we recommend the four stage microprocessor controlled Battery Fighter range of chargers.

Use of automotive or gel type chargers may shorten battery life and may not fully charge this battery type. Two or three stage VRLA/AGM chargers are acceptable.