PS1270S Century SLA Battery
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Century PS1270S – Battery


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Century PS1270S Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Brand: Century

Model: PS1270S

Volt: 12

Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)

Nominal Capacity: 7000mAh (7AH)

Application: Standby, UPS, Security, Alarm, Instrument, Test Equipment, Toy, Medical Equipment

Size: W65mm x H94mm x L151 mm (Height including terminals 100mm)

Weight: 2200g

Comment: Sealed Lead Acid Battery Valve Regulated (AGM Type)

Terminal Features: 4.8mm Spade Terminals

NOTE: When Century branded battery is unavailable – brand substitution will be sent of same if not better quality.



Sealed Lead Acid Battery Carry Bag for 12V 7Ah and 6V 12Ah SLA Batteries


Application: Video Camera, Fishing & Prawning Lights, 6/12VDC hand held devices with external power source input.


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* CENTURY will be substituted with DryPower when Century is unavailable.
Drypower is another premium brand.