Rechargeable Battery – Panasonic Eneloop AAA 4 Pack XX


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Rechargeable Battery AAA 4 Pack

Eneloop XX, batteries are the perfect choice for powering high current consuming devices such as photo strobe flash lights, wireless keyboards, mice, game controllers, radio controlled toys and a range of household devices. They can all realize extended performance when powered by eneloop XX batteries.



Product ID: BK-4HCCE/4BT

Pack Quantity: 4

Description: BK-4HCCE/4BT Eneloop rechargeable AAA battery

Application: Cordless Telephone, Walkman, Discman, Digital Camera. All devices that can use alkaline batteries of the same size.

Chemistry: NiMH

Voltage: 1.2V

Capacity: 950Ah

Brand: Panasonic

Size: AAA

Width: 10.5mm

Height: 44.5mm



Features of Eneloop Batteries:

  • With its capacity of 950 mAh this rechargeable battery suits devices with a high power consumption such as digital cameras particularly well.
  • XX powered by eneloop also offers you the advantages of a disposable battery and is coming pre-charged in stores. This way the batteries are ready to use right after being purchased.
  • Because of the low self-discharge the batteries retain 75%*2 of their capacity even after one year of storage. Featuring 500 recharge cycles, Panasonic XX batteries are economical and environmentally friendly.