Motobatt MBLX4UP – Pro Lithium Motorcycle, Personal Water-craft Battery.


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Weighing in at only 80% of its predecessor, the new line of Motobatt Pro Lithium Batteries are a step forward in battery technology. Producing more power with better performance than traditional lead batteries they help provide the stronger starting currents required for reliable and repeatable starts. Motobatt Pro Lithium Batteries have an estimated life of 5 years or 2000 complete cycles and have to ability to retain their charge for over a year of inactivity.

Recharging time is a mere 6 minutes for up to 90% charge.

Containing no acid or heavy metals, the Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries are both safer and more ecofriendly.

Using Dynamic Cell Balancing Circuits, Motobatt Lithium Batteries help balance the cells within the batteries while in use to provide superior performance and help extend the batteries lifetime.

Please only use suitable Battery Chargers in order to protect you Lithium battery from overcharging.

Model: MPLX4UP

Brand: Motobatt

Description: Motobatt Pro Lithium

Volts: 12V

Chemistry: Lithium

CCA: 165

Fittment: 12N18-3, 12N18-3A, Y50-N18A-A Height 176mm with 14mm spacer, Y50-N18L-A, Y50-N18L-A2, Y50-N18L-A3, SY50N18LA, SY50-N18L-AT, SY50-N18L-A-CX, YTX24HL, YTX24HL-BS, MBTX4U