RM12-150FT – REMCO CYCLIC AGM Front Terminal Battery


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Remco 150Amp AGM Front Terminal Battery a true AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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Remco RM12-150FT

Remco s new Front Terminal range is the forward-thinking battery for all future telecommunications backup systems. Utilising new case sizes and configurations, this battery has been crafted for limited spaces and tricky racking systems.

Purpose Built to handle the demanding requirements of repeated deep cycle use, the REMCO Deep Cycle range are the ideal replacement solution for applications such as Recreational, Mobility, Communications, Marine & RV use, Etc.

The Remco DC range offers better, deeper discharge recovery due to the use of thicker heavier plates and lower internal resistance. The Remco Deep Cycle range are a cost effective AGM solution.

Fully sealed and completely dry, this battery can never spill acid. It will not give off gasses while charging and so it’s ideal for use under seats in Caravans / Motor homes and on board boats as a house battery.

Full 12 month replacement warranty. With a very low self-discharge rate (only 3% per month) while retaining 80% of initial capacity after around 600 cycles (to 50% Depth of Discharge) Fullriver 12v AGM deep cycle battery is an excellent product. Remco is a very popular Australian product.


Product Information

Terminals: Type E Bolt
Brand: REMCOVoltage: 12
Warranty: Full 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty. (No pro-rata)Length: 551mm
Chemistry: AGM Deep CycleWidth: 110mm
Amp Hours: 150Ah (C10)Height: 288mm

NOTE: (Not recommended for under bonnet applications)



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