Fullriver HC65/ST – HC Series 12V High Cranking Battery


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Fullriver HC65/ST – HC Series 12V High Cranking Battery

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Fullriver spill-proof AGM HC serries batteries gives you all the benefits of AGM battery but provide more cranking power than regular starting batteries combined with deep cycle capability. Fullriver HC series batteries ingeniously uses absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology to offer the characteristics of two separate batteries in one. These batteries are capable of providig engine cranking pulses in excess of 2250A for 5 seconds, while offering high reserve capacity.



  • Valve regulated lead acid battery.
  • Dry cell technology with an absorbed glass mat.
  • Ultra low resistance offers easy recharging and remarkable output power.
  • 5s pulse discharge capabilities.
  • Low self discharge, the self discharge rate less than 4% per month.
  • High rate discharge construction.
  • Deep discharge recoverability.
  • Operation temperature range: -30C to 50C



  • High capacity starting power, to start any size engines.
  • Highest reserve capacity in the industry, to power a wide range of accessories.
  • Superior conductivity brass terminals provide greater electrical transmission.
  • Durable rugged design to withstand shock and vibration.
  • Charge efficiency faster recharge than conventional wet batteries.
  • Convenient maintenance free sealed construction, no water needed
  • Safety DOT,IATA,IMDG and ICAO CERTIFIED as non-spillable.



AUTO/LTV, Marine, Extreme Racing, Heavy duty/Commercial, Car audio accessories, Engine Starting, Powersports, Vehicle fleet, Start-Stop



Fullriver Model: HC65/ST

Voltage: 12V

Capacity C20 (Ah): 65Ah

Pulse Hot Cranking Amps (PHCA): 1500A

Cranking Performance (CCA): 825A

Length (mm): 261mm

Width (mm): 180mm

Height (mm): 182.5mm

Total Height (mm): 207mm

Weight (kg): 21.1kg

Terminal Type: M8 + TP28 + FR45


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