Frequently Asked Questions about Batteries

Do all rechargeable NiCad batteries have memory effect

No, not all rechargeable batteries have the memory effect. GP batteries use a new technology, unlike sintered plate type rechargeable cells GP rechargeable NiCad cylindrical cells with modern foam electrode technology do not exhibit memory effect.

Why don't NiMH cells have the memory effect?

The reason that there is no memory effect in the NiMH cells is because of the non cadmium based nature of the cell, teamed with the modern foam electrode technology, ensuring that no undesirable memory effect is present.

What is the best type of battery to use for a high drain application like a discman, personal stereo, or camera equipment?

The best type of battery to use in a high drain application is an alkaline cell. These will perform head and shoulders above a zinc carbon cell in this type of application. The Alkaline cells are designed to be used for high drain applications.

What is the best type of battery to use for a low drain application like a wall clock, or a remote control?

You have two options: Using the Alkaline cells which will perform very well, or saving some money and using the Zinc Chloride type cell, which will perform almost as well as the Alkaline in this type of application.

What is the best way to store my rechargeable batteries?

We recommend that you try not to store your batteries for extended periods of time. If you need to do this however, try to store the battery in an uncharged state. When you know you need to use the battery again take it out of storage a few days before it's needed and charge and discharge it three times. This should rejuvenate the battery to get the highest capacity available from the cells.

Can I replace a NiCad battery with a NiMH battery?

Yes, in many cases it is not possible to get NiCad batteries for appliances, therefore there is no choice. The only problem that may arise is the charger may not cope with the higher capacity battery. It will either take a longer time to charge or not charge at all.

Why don't my rechargeable batteries last as long as the old one's use to?

This has to do with the charging specifications on the batteries. All consumer type rechargeable GP batteries charging specifications are to charge at 10% of the batteries capacity for 12 to 16 hours .In this day and age however most charge well above this rate as people want their batteries charged faster. Unfortunately there is a trade off, your battery gets charged a lot quicker but doesn't last as long.

What does 'mAh' mean?

mAh stands for Milli-Amp per hour. This is the batteries petrol tank, it refers to how long the battery will last after each charge. The higher than the mAh the longer the battery will last after each charge.

How long will a new battery last in my appliance?

Every appliance uses a battery differently, therefore it is not possible to know how long a battery will last in a particular appliance. However if you have an old battery you can compare the two mAh ratings and work it out that way.