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Darren was extremely helpful and organised same day delivery for me by 8pm. Great prices, communication, and impeccable service. Highly recommended!

Spoke to Darren regarding a replacement car battery and was told that delivery would be same or next day. Placed my order online straight away and have the battery delivered in metro Melbourne same day $30 cheaper than competitors including delivery costs vs pickup at a competitor. Great service!

Brilliant service. I ordered late last night and it was delivered to my door today at 3.30pm. Very reasonable shipping as well. Very happy with these guys.

It's not often that I post a Google review, but the battery base has earnt it. Ordered late last night arrived at my door before lunch the next day. Solid 10/10 for communication and delivery.

I'm a VERY happy Customer. I urgently needed a specific car battery for the weekend. I called The Battery Base at 8AM Friday morning, they got stock sent to them by 11AM and the battery was couriered to me in Newport by 4PM that afternoon. Excellent service, very responsive and helpful. Will use them again.

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